There are Bolognese and then there are

Starlight Bolognese

jewels of the dog world!

Extremely Rare breed dating to the 11th Century and the nobility of Italy,  Russia, Spain, Germany and most European countries.


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About Us


  • The bolognese is bred for the discriminating buyer.
  • You will find room in your home and your heart for this loving playful beauty.
  • Your every intention is to keep this family member for his/her lifetime
  • You have the funds to afford this rare breed and to provide exceptional care for him/her
  • You have the time to spend with them, and brush them frequently as you hold them in your lap
  • You will take them on walks and car trips. They love new adventures.
  • They will graciously assist you in entertaining your guests, or will lie quietly close by.
  • This puppy will fill your life with laughter, beauty, joy and many admirers.
  • They are inclusive and not yappy, only alerting you to someone at the door…who will quickly become their new BFF
  • Buy only from a breeder who provides an exceptional beginning and allows you to see the environment the puppies are raised in and who belong to an accreditated Bolognese Club.
  • Starlight Bolognese raises the puppies in their home.
  • They are well socialized with all ages of people and all breeds of dogs.
  • They count as their friends, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.
  • They are fed a special non grain diet of premium organic kibble mixed with our recipe that combines ingredients to enhance their skin, hair and general well being.
  • Potty training begins at 4 weeks of age.
  • Starlight Bolognese are among the most beautifully bred bolognese in the US
  • The owner of Starlight Bolognese has a Ph.D in Ethology and rescuer for 30 years.