Fighting Against Animal Abuse

I have rescued animals, particularly dogs, ever since I was a toddler. I grew up in a household with an uncaring mother, my father never even saw me, I don’t think. My constant companions were 3 Great Danes, Ty-Happy, Leo, and Thai and a giant, black Standard Poodle, Gogo, my father’s dog. My father was half German, Prussian really, which is as German as you can get, but his mother was born in Ireland of pure Celtic lines, Welsh, Erse and Scottish and she adored animals more than people. A view I have shared for years. Oh, I also had a nanny I adored, Perla. She had been destined for the nunnery but something happened, she probably became sensible and rational. After that, Perla disapp

Breeders/Puppymillers/Back Yard Breeders (BYB)

I am a FEMA Certified First Responder and have volunteered for HSUS, ASPCA, Red Rover. I have seen the horrors of a puppy mill, it is unimaginable the misery, fear, abuse and perpetual pain these dogs suffer to produce puppies which are then sold at pet palaces, pet boutiques, via the internet, etc. Many of the puppy shops have very expensive items and a luxurious ambiance but don’t let that fool you, ALL PUPPIES SOLD IN PUPPY SHOPS COME FROM PUPPYMILLERS. Some people get lucky and never have a problem with their new dog but most will have issues at some point in their life. Puppymill dogs are not well socialized, can have a myriad of health issues inherited from their parents and, by buy

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