Tricks of the training trade or how I learned to speak DOG!

I get complaints about a dog who may get too excited when someone comes into the house, when the post person arrives, etc. Well, the answer is quite simple, it's the handler's, guardian's fault....always. Dogs are very intelligent, after all they understand us albeit a limited vocabulary but they comprehend us better than we do them. My dogs know about 30 words and that is without actually teaching them. They learn in part by their elder's actions when I say, "let's go outside" and point. The hand signal is key because animals read body language, as we do as well , but most humans never think of reading another human or we are so "technical", we have lost that natural touch. I walk


Tear Staining Written by: Tonia Holibaugh, American Maltese Association Concerns about tear staining are the most commonly asked questions of the AMA Health and Education Committees. Maltese are one of several predominantly white colored breeds that have to deal with tear staining issues. Although, genetics can play a part in tear staining, environment and stress also play a big part in the cause of Maltese tear staining. Any dog can have an issue with tear staining. No dog is immune to this problem. The information here is for the use of encouraging education in caring for your dogs. I am not a licensed veterinarian. All medication given to your dog should be under the consultation of a lic

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