Dogs and Natural Remedies and Herbs

I have always believed in herbal and natural medicines since my Irish grandmother was a healer. She had a beautiful, lush garden full of herbs , flowers and lovely trees and her kitchen and large pantry was full of jars full of amazing things. Cultures have been using herbs since the beginning of time and only recently have we started using chemicals, so called medicines which are outrageously priced and probably cause more harm than good such as chemotherapy which is, essentially a poison. Cancer in dogs is on a par with the rate of cancer in humans because we share the same environment, the toxic chemicals used to clean the house, the pesticides in yards, etc. those plugins which are us

Taking Puppy home.....what you need, how to deal with baby, etc

Good, responsible breeders do not let their puppies leave their family till 10 to 12 weeks of age. When we hear that someone has gotten a 6 or 8 week old puppy, I hope that the new guardians will be dog savvy and patient because that puppy is not psychologically ready to leave his/her mother. Getting that out, what do you need to prepare for your puppy? A bed, preferably with sides as dogs love to lay their heads on something, bowls, ceramic or stainless steel, never plastic, a safe, comfortable harness with a tag with all the necessary info. I microchip all my dogs so the new guardian has peace of mind. Besides good holistic, organic, non grain kibble, or preferably raw food, will blog

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