Intelligence of Bolognese, Biewers, and Royal Bolo Bi's.....Part II

Royal Bolo Bi's are a hybrid I created by breeding a purebred Bolognese to a purebred Biewer. The 3 puppies born were incredibly beautiful and unique....a Black/White Bolognese. Their temperament is not like a Terriers, more like a Bolognese . Their coat is between curly/frizzy of a Bolo and the straight hair of a Biewer. Their intellience is very high but they are not yappy like many Yorkies. Why do breeders create breeds? Well all the known "pure breds" were created by breeding dogs with certain desired charateristics, both physical and mental, to make a dog that was "perfect" for that breeder. Louis Doberman used 25 different breeds and years to create the noble Doberman. Labradoo

Intelligence of Bolognese, Biewers and Royal Bolo Bi's ---- Part I

There are about 10 ancient dog breeds from which all our modern descend. The Molossus, a giant breed that is the ancestor to our big dogs, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweilers, etc. Chow Chows, Basenji's. The northern breeds are ancient as they are the closest to the wolf: Malamute, Siberian Husky, etc. Also the sight hounds, highly valued in Arabic countries for their beauty, swift speed....Saluki etc., have been depicted in ancient ruins for about 6,000 years, And of course the Maltese; Revered for about 3000 years or more for their tiny size, their beauty and intelligence. How they came about is unknown but they do belong to antiquity as all the Greek philosophers/writers spoke abo

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