Recipes for toppings or as main dish for your babies

Good health always starts with what you put in your mouth... This is the same for animals. One of my clients told me her puppy, which I bred, wanted only bunny poop. Sounds disgusting but the fact is if you stop and analyze it it means he needs minerals and vitamains as bunnies are vegan. I have mentioned that the treats I give my dogs are not dog treats but organic green apples, romaine lettuce, kale, carrots and some eat bananas. I do feed my dogs kibble but I put a topping which is full of healthy foods and here is the main recipe. You can alter it, of course, you can swap other veggies as long as it is not onion and avocado is on the borderline.. Many vets say it is bad for them a

Bad veterinarians

The photo is of Natia, an absolutely gorgeous Biewer from Latvia and who barely is alive . Natia was pregant with 2 babies. My regular vet who is wonderful but not a repro vet told me he couldn't figure out the x rays and to go to a repro vet. I went to Dr. Polit at Sunset Animal hopital, in Sunrise, Fl. I had already pulled out one puppy but the other one would not , could not, come out. I was told by a Dr. Sanchez to go home and try to have Natia give birth naturally though it had already been 2 days. I did and the next day Natia smelled of death because she had a puppy who had been dead for 3 days inside her. I ran back and she was scheduled for a SPAY but was charged for a C-Sect

Problems with tiny dogs and how to prevent them.....

All my dogs, Bolognese, Biewer, Royal Bolo Bi's and Maltese are under 10 lbs soaking wet and I love them just like that. They are more delicate than bigger dogs so children should be supervised. One of my males once attacked and bit the leg of my Maltese and broke it.....He had a caste and was fine but it is an example of what can happen if not careful. My breeds are all hairy so keeping hair trim around the eyes and posterior should be trimmed regularly. Do this with round tipped scissors and cut downwards on the eyes. Also hair in ears has to be pulled out regularly also because it causes infections, itchiness and takes 2 minutes to pull and clean. If the hair looks yellow, it is o

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