Training vs rewiring

I have always had an issue with dog "trainers'. These people are usually robotic in their methods and have little to no idea of how a dog's brain works. Trainers say that people like me, canine behaviorists, never actually touch a dog, which is untrue. We spend years, not only interacting with canids, but do a great deal of research as well, not only with dogs, but other canines. Plus we are more in tune with canines, we are not just "dog lovers" we have spent our entire lives observing dogs. Which is why I studied Zoology, Animal Behaviour and Ethology specializing in canines/equines. I understand the way canines think, why they react how they do, how to rewire them to react

Recipes for a healthy Bolognese and all doggies

Most people feed their dogs kibble, they tend to be given the same kibble twice a day, every day. So if I put you in a room and fed you , say, Cheerios, twice a day for a week, how would you feel? More important, what would your blood tests show? Not good results, for sure. All pet food is, basically, garbage, it is allowed to contain roadkill, fecal matter, if bone is ground in, which of course it is, it has metal; they also have bacteria, obviously an abattoir is not a clean place. Pentobarbitol, the euthanasia agent has been found in dog food. Flesh from 4-d animals: diseased, dead, disabled, and dying also are in your dog food which is why dogs are on a par with humans for cance


Let me know how you all did..... 1. b.....A titer test can assess antibodies to a virus. It is much better than pumping your dog full of unnecessary vaccines which only line the pockets of your veterinarian. Demand titer test. 2. c....Your dog may already be immune for life to parvovirus and distemper. A titer test will prove immunity. This includes rabies, which is also over vaccinated. 3. d....Though any vaccine can cause a long or short term reaction, modified live virus vaccines, like the parvovirus vaccines, are more likely to cause negative reactions 10-45 days after the shot. Viruses containing killed viruses or bacteria are more likely to cause reaction within a few days. Lept

Testing your knowledge of necessary "dog" info

I assume you feel you are really on top of all dog health info. Well, as a pre -Christmas gift from us to you we have this test for you to try out your knowledge. We do not want you to fail but get informed as new developments re: dogs' heath, physical and psychological are occurring frequently. Plese let us know how you did We will put your name on facebook as being the most doggie knowledgeable being or your dog's name if you wish to remain anonymous. What is your dog quotient? 1.titer test shows if your dog: a) if your dog has kidney stones b) is immune to virus c) will be able to nurse her puppies d) has elevated liver enzymes e) needs many many more expensive tests 2. You just rece

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