Bolognese are one of the healthiest breeds . They do require a quick brushing/combing daily or every other day and professional grooming every two months.


I recommend filtered or, better yet, distilled water as tap water often has a lot of iron and it forms tear stains.


I feed my babies a premium, organic, non-grain kibble.  I rotate between several brands and am always looking for better quality or new brands.   Some of the brands I recommend are Arcana, Orijen, Fromm, and Royal Canin Small Breed. In fact, my dams eat the special Royal Canin for pregnant dams and all my puppies eat Royal Canin special “infant” kibble which is only available to breeders.  All my puppies are super healthy, beautiful and fat. Dogs should be fed twice a day and if they are super small, then 3 small meals a day as they can go hypoglycemic quickly and this is dangerous.

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I make a “topper” to mix in with the kibble which consists of home made plain yoghurt, beef heart cooked and processed with cooked carrots or sweet potatoes, kale or spianch, I only use organic produce.  You can switch vegetables, of course, but the more colourful, the more vitamins and minerals. I put in WILD Alaskan oil or coconut  oil, as this helps their hair and skin. You can use olive oil, of course but not corn oil, or any other types of oil. I blitz it in my blender or you can use a food processor.  Just keep some of the broth you used to boil the heart and hard vegetables, such as carrots or sweet potatoes, and put it in the blender.


You can use any meat however, all cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, bison, duck, etc.  are given antibiotics and fed horrible diets, which in turn, you and your dog consume. This is not healthy.  I use heart because it doesn’t retain any of the aforementioned items and though I am vegan and abhor going to the butcher area, my dogs are not vegan, they are not carnivores either, felines are true carnivores but dogs are omnivores, and, within reson, can eat the same HEALTHY, FRESH food we eat.   The better the diet, the fewer trips to the veterinarian.


I sometimes add canned pumpkin, blueberries or apples,  and I put a scoop of Diatomaceous earth as this helps with intestinal worms, though I recommend deworming twice a year.  I also use Honest Kitchen which is a dehydrated powder to mix in with the kibble in case I was too lazy to make my special “topper”.


If your dog gets constipated, give him/her a tablespoon of canned, unsweetened pumpkin, or mix with food. This is a natural laxative without the harmful effects.


Do not feed Pedigree, Purina, Ol Roys, or any other brand you find in a supermarket.   Like humans, if dogs eat good, nourishing food, they will be healthy and you will save on veterinarian bills.


As to raw diets, I tried it with my dogs and they did not like it but if I only had two or three dogs, I would definitely try it as my understanding is, the teeth are cleaner, the breath doesn’t smell. I would need to experiment with it but at this point in my life, it is not an option.

I will be blogging recipes for treats, new products, etc as my life revolves around dogs so keep in touch!