Breeders/Puppymillers/Back Yard Breeders (BYB)

I am a FEMA Certified First Responder and have volunteered for HSUS, ASPCA, Red Rover. I have seen the horrors of a puppy mill, it is unimaginable the misery, fear, abuse and perpetual pain these dogs suffer to produce puppies which are then sold at pet palaces, pet boutiques, via the internet, etc. Many of the puppy shops have very expensive items and a luxurious ambiance but don’t let that fool you, ALL PUPPIES SOLD IN PUPPY SHOPS COME FROM PUPPYMILLERS.

Some people get lucky and never have a problem with their new dog but most will have issues at some point in their life. Puppymill dogs are not well socialized, can have a myriad of health issues inherited from their parents and, by buying a puppy from a puppy boutique, you are perpetuating the cycle of abuse for the mothers and fathers of the puppies.

Back Yard Breeders (BYB), are people who get two dogs and mate them with no regard as to genetic composition, temperament, proper care of the pregnant mother or any of the necessary procedures that well informed, reputable breeders do. These BYB and the puppymillers are one of the reasons so many dogs end up in shelters and murdered simply because they are homeless or have bad genetics because of the greedy ignorance of the people. Not spaying and neutering are a huge problem, so spay/neuter your dog but wait till about he/she is 5 months old.

Breeders are a small group of dedicated people obsessed by the beauty of dogs, whatever the breed may be. Good breeders usually have a few select dogs and have studied genetics, pedigrees, diets, supplementing, obstetrics. what to do in any emergency, help Mum,s have their puppies and know how and when to intervene. We groom, bathe, do pawdicures, clean ears, brush teeth and when we get together talk about…..guess. DOGS! We compare foods, get advice if one of our dog’s poop is funny coloured even at dinner. We are a crazy bunch of people but we have ethics, we follow certains protocols to ensure we have perfect, well socialized puppies who are healthy and happy. And it costs a fortune to breed a dog, so paying $1800 and up for a pure bred pedigreed dog that has been bred by a good, honest, reputable dealer, who cares about her dogs more than most of the people in her family, is worth it because in the end your dog will not be likely to develop the problems that puppymill and BYB dogs get, saving you a fortune in vet bills. We are dedicated to the well being of all dogs and many of us, including myself, do rescue. You can check the dogs available for rescue under puppies and look for rescues and I also have retired breeders who make excellent pets.

I welcome comments, as long as they are on a polite level and any suggestions are most welcome. Polite critiques are also appreciated because it helps me understand what information people may like to know.

For the Love of Dogs….

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