Fighting Against Animal Abuse

I have rescued animals, particularly dogs, ever since I was a toddler. I grew up in a household with an uncaring mother, my father never even saw me, I don’t think. My constant companions were 3 Great Danes, Ty-Happy, Leo, and Thai and a giant, black Standard Poodle, Gogo, my father’s dog. My father was half German, Prussian really, which is as German as you can get, but his mother was born in Ireland of pure Celtic lines, Welsh, Erse and Scottish and she adored animals more than people. A view I have shared for years.

Oh, I also had a nanny I adored, Perla. She had been destined for the nunnery but something happened, she probably became sensible and rational.

After that, Perla disappeared, my dogs disappeared and Tai taught me to walk , to trust, to love. My mother was never around except to scream obscenities at me and the servants, and so it went.

My Bubbe, my mother’s mother, lived in California, my dream world, as I was born in St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, CA. a privilege and I am a proud Californian and revel that I am a southern Cali girl.

As I grew, I lived in many countries, don’t ask why, my mother was a nutter and we moved around a lot because she was deeply miserable and, I think, had to spread her misery worldwide. I lived in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, California, where my grandmother was firmly stationed, then went to Italy, Spain, the most horrific cruelty occurs there if you consider Western Europe, France, Germany, UK, California, I went back to the UK to include all of it and Ireland every year to visit me gran. However, she and I would travel to her home in Scotland and the cradle of our family, Wales. There was a great deal of cruelty in Ireland and my grandmother, all 92 years, 88 lbs of her would jump on the abuser with a riding crop and beat him/her till they bled. Of course the garda (coppers) were often called but she was well known for fighting animal abuse and was never arrested. She was so tiny, had beautiful silvery white hair down to her waist which was always braided. She had been a redhead, as I am, as my other grandmother was and my little granddaughter is a redhead too, thank goodness. My mother had reddish brown hair but I prefer to ignore her existence as she is evil and abusive, was and always will be. She cares of no one but herself; a complete narcissist.

I was 10 in 1964 and very responsible, highly educated, well read, had read Satyricon, all 12 tomes of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Ovid, Keats, every classic book available to me. I also learned five different languages, English, French, Italian, German and Russian. As an adult I learnt Spanish. I read books on religion as my entire family were atheists, except on their deathbed, which is so hypocritical, but I needed to study for myself and fell in love with science, math, art and to this day I am a frustrated scientist, mathematician and semi artist………..and a staunch Atheist. Religious people seem to care only for themselves and how much credence can you give someone who believes in angels, a divine being who allows such horrific suffering to happen to the most innocent of creatures……..animals.

I am on FB but it makes my blood boil when I see depravity, abuse, evil and cruelty and, worse, that someone is taping it instead of beating up the abuser!!! Animals are my kin, they have, like my books and music, always been there for me. Humans have always disappointed me, hurt me, insulted me, snubbed me, etc. Animals are the only one who can give pure, innocent love and I have known only their love……my 3 children sorta, but not really. My son is very bonded to me but he is the only homo sapiens to do so.

I was one of the first ALF members, Animal Liberation Front, I was very young but I was committed and, in hindsight, we should have done many things differently, but I am proud to have destroyed mink farms, and liberated many, many animals. I am VEGAN; ergo I don’t consume animal products in any food form or clothing, even my tyres on my car are vegan because the suffering animals endure on farms is beyond your worst nightmare. There is no such thing as “humane” murder. If I told you, “oy, I am going to kill you because you are now 16 years old and edible but you won’t feel a thing”, you really wouldn’t believe this crap would you? Cows have a life expectancy of 20 years and they are intelligent, feel joy, suffer terrible anguish when their children are taken away from them so you can eat cheese that will raise your cholesterol and make you fat. Pigs are more intelligent than 4 year old humans. So when you eat a pig, you are, for all intents and purposes,eating a toddler. If you see abuse of any type, DO SOMETHING, or call 999 0r 911, depending on where you live. No dog should be tethered in all types of inclement weather with no shelter, food or water, no dog should be dragged behind a car or dumped in a forest because the family thinks he will survive because he is an animal. We have domesticated all pets and NO, they cannot live ferally. cats maybe, but not dogs. We have tamed them to the point they are helpless if thrown out onto the street. They have no concept of vehicles, danger, nothing. It is evil to get a dog, or an iguana or any pet and then dump him/her because you now realize how much work is it is. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Don’t adopt any animal because of your kids, they aren’t going to take care of it, you are. Do not adopt any animal until you have realized what you need. All animals need shelter, food, clean water, and love. A lot of love and it comes right back to you.

Again, if you see, hear or know of an animal being abused, call the coppers, you can do it anonymously but DO SOMETHING! Don’t let the abuser continue; make it stop. You are a part of that circle and if you allow it to happen, you are part of the problem. Remember that animal abusers always go on to bigger prey, human children, women, etc. Their ego makes them want to hurt bigger, harder prey.

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