I have been rescuing animals for over 30 years, as an independent rescuer and as a FEMA Certified Responder for small/large domestics and many wildlife and for the Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale. I have a rescue, Little White Wonder Dog Rescue of SE Fl but had a Basset Hound Rescue for many years and helped any shelter and/or rescue rehabilitate abused and fearful dogs. As rescuers we learn many of the vet techniques because we have to; vets are not very willing to volunteer their services so we learn by watching procedures, taking vet classes and by being stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a devastated area with dozens or hundreds of suffering animals and a veterinarian manual. You learn, trust me, you do learn. I have done many surgical procedures and done them well and all my patients survived.

The point of this short blog is how to protect your dog from fleas, intestinal worms, heart worms without it costing you a small fortune. I pay about $7 for a vaccine that your vet charges you from 70$ and up, depending on location. Vaccinating is easy and you should not vaccinate your dog every year. Do you get vaccinated yearly for small pox, measles, etc? No, neither should your dog as it is proven that cancer in dogs begin, very frequently, at the vaccination site. I breed Bolognese and Maltese and vaccinate the puppies three times in a 3 month period starting at 4 months as they are protected by their mother's antibodies while they nurse and a month after. At the end I will tell you where you can buy vaccines and the other supplies. After puppyhood, the dogs I keep I vaccinate one time on their 4th birthday and that is it. Rabies I give once as it is a life long vaccine. To become a FEMA Responder, I was required to get rabies. I asked the specialist if I would need booster shots and he snorted and said , of course not, that's just the vets and counties getting money for an unnecessary procedure. So, your dog doesn't need a rabies shot but if you use those dog boarding places, which I recommend you research carefully, you don't need to do it. Now there are 3 year rabies vaccines so if you feel you must do it, get the three year one but one is good for a lifetime.

Hartgard is a ripoff, plain and simple. It is very expensive and each of those little rectangles contain a teeny, weeny amount of Ivermectin which is the ingredient that kills and or prevents heart worms forming in your dog/cat 's heart. It happens by mosquitos laying their eggs on the animals hair/fur. If it is freezing cold outside, obviously mosquitos are not an issue until the spring so, if you live in cold climates, you only need to give your dog ivermectin during mosquito season. A vial of Ivermectin costs about $30 and lasts forever so if you and your friends who have animals,chip in, you can protect your dog for pennies instead of paying those ridiculous prices for Hartgard, or Sentinel. The recipe is as follows:

1/2 cc of Ivermectin mixed with 30 cc's of Propylene Alcohol. After it's mixed in a small, clean container you can use a dropper to put 1 cc per 20 lbs of this mixture into your dog's mouth or try to put it into a syringe and inject a hotdog and administer it this way. You don't need to do it monthly; that's also veterinary greed. Once every 60 days is enough and try to not let your dog out during peak mosquito hours which is dawn and dusk. You can forego this altogether and just spray your dog's coat lightly with Neem which smells like citronella and the mosquito's hate it, but so do your dogs. However, it is the lesser of 2 evils. Ivermectin is a poison to mosquitos but to your animals as well. There are natural ways of avoiding heartworms, one is to keep your dog inside unless he/she is going for walkies. There is no such thing as an "outside" dog unless it's an Anatolian who lives with his sheep in the hills of Turkey.

As to fleas and to avoid mosquitos you can use equal parts of Diatomaceous earth, dry Neem and Yarrow. Put it in a shaker with larger holes and dust it on your dog's coat frequently.

Internal worms are quickly and effectively dealt with Safeguard or Panacur and you can buy this at Walmart though I recommend a feed store or Revival Animal Products. You should deworm your dog once a year and it's 1 cc per 4 lbs every day for five days, rest 10 days, then deworm another 5 days because hookworms are tough little guys to get rid of and if one dog has them then all your animals have to be treated.

All the above ingredients can be bought at Revival Animal Health, Valley Vet and a few other specialty places that cater to farmers, breeders, etc.

I encourage comments, questions, etc. Thank you for reading and subscribing and if you wish further information please write me at

Namaste and blessings to all

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