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Bringing a puppy home and what to do

So, you have done your homework regardinig the pros and cons of many breeds and what you and your family need. I am biassed as Bolognese dogs are small but, unlike Maltese, who I adore and have a companion, they are very intelligent, active, willing to please , affectionate. But you know all this, that's why you adopted a Bolo.

But what happens when you get home? Your baby has lived in a very disciplined atmosphere (my house) and has siblings, mother, aunts, uncles, a family they no longer have. It will be traumatizing to a small or large degree, depends on you. Dogs feel what you feel. Usually, dogs who react to fireworks , for example, are mimicking their parents or prior parents. I have no fear of storms, fireworks, etc, so neither do my dogs! I send you home with food, a blanket with their mother's smell, microchip, 5 year health warranty against genetic diseases and I am a phone call away if you need any advice. I have a doctorate in Ethology, i.e., animal behaviour, specialising in canine and equine behaviour.

Also, you can ring me from your veterinarian's office if you feel that what they want to do is unnecessary. I am always up to date on the latest medical techniques , mostly European, and am completely against over vaccination, over "poisoning", Hartgard and all tick/flea repellents. I attempt natural solutions, and I live in pest country, Florida, but have rarely a problem with ticks/fleas/mosquitos because I use natural solutions which I will go into but have blogged about in the past.

First of all, you confine dog to a certain area, kitchen, bathroom , etc. I don't use crates or cages; use x pens which are for human toddlers but find them great for my puppies as they have room to play, their pee pad, water bowl and bed. However, you use what you think is better, a crate that is covered to make it cozy with a nice bed inside, his/her toy and the blanket I send you home with. I dislike cages but you can use them just cover them, and put a comfy bed in them plus a chew toy, they are teething and their blanket.

First thing when you, or he/she wakes you up, is take them to potty. If you have a safely fenced yard, these tiny dogs can go through the smallest holes, let them out while you watch and praise them for peeing or whatever, outside. Bring them in, breakfast, about 1/4 total of kibble with topping. Wait 20 minutes, but keep an eye on them, some go faster, then let them out to potty again. Most people don't realise that dogs have very short intestinal systems , compared to ours, so they go potty very quickly whereas humans take much longer. This is also the reason dogs rarely get salmonella. Food goes through them so fast, salmonella has no time to adhere. I don't recommend you give your baby rotten food, never. Only holistic, organic NON GRAIN kibble with topping that includes garlic, yoghurt, or extra probiotics, coconut oil or wild salmon oil, brewers yeast, etc. I have posted my recipes many times and you can make variations of it so look at my past logs for the basic topping recipe that I give my dogs. I also only give them filtered water with a capful of apple cider vinegar, which helps avoid tear stains. Also, use a face towel to clean their face daily. There are many wonderful, natural, cruelty free products to clean their faces. Bolognese, like Maltese and Bichon are only white. There is no such thing as a "black Maltese".that is a mixed breed, a mutt if you will. Keeping dogs pearly white is hard because Bolos are active. Mine play and make holes to China and everywhere else their little hearts desire. I have oatmeal shampoo, whitening shampoo and conditioner plus use Marshmellow spray to untangle. It is an amazing product, I use it myself and you can buy it on my website for $22 including shipping within the continental US.

Many of my puppies are completely potty trained by 3 months, other not so much. Each one is an individual. I often take a puppy with me to bed when I see his pee pad has been clean for several days. I will tell you if the puppy you choose still has more training ahead of him/her or not. However, I would have pee pads ready and place them where they choose to go. If you don't like that spot, you inch the pee pad a little each day to the spot you want him/her to go until he is grown up and no longer needs the pad.

Small dogs need to eat twice a day, all dogs actually. Xsmall dogs like mine can become hypogycemic so I give them healthy treats at midday. Organic pieces of carrots, broccoli, kale, romaine, banana, apples are healthy alternatives to high caloric treats.

So now it's the next day , your puppy has been out, fed, out, what now? Well, if you work, then I suggest a crate or xpen with pee pad, water, chew toy, blanket, a fuzzy toy. Your baby will get bored and 10 hours alone is no fun for anyone especially this wee baby who, till now, has been surrounded by a large, loving family. Put classical music on, and when you get home, go for a long walk before or after his/her dinner. Playing is psychologically as essential for any mammal as it is for human children. Toss a ball while you're watching telly. I have to admit that my dogs are all pretty laid back, never had an issue of hyper activity but I keep a calm demeanor always. Whatever you feel goes right down that lead whether there is an actual lead or not. Dogs are incredible at reading us. They will follow your gaze and if you point, will follow that also. When people ask me how long it took me to train them, I tell them I never trained them but there is advantage in numbers. My older ones begin to understand what I want and in turn the little ones follow. My dogs know sit, stay, down, back, like move back, shut up (a constant command), potty, good job, etc. but it's been through constant repetition and using the same command over and over. Your family need to agree what commands you will use for a specific behaviour. You cannot change it because it will confuse the dog. It's like speaking Swedish to someone who speaks Italian and suddenly throwing in a Russian word, not going to work. You all have to be on the same page. Ignore bad behaviour unless you actually see him/her doing it then say a harsh "ah ah", or "NO". But it must be at the second they are doing the bad thing. two seconds later they won't have a clue why you are upset. Praise good behaviour. Like children, dogs respond to praise. I don't use treats to train. I use praise and petting to get results. I also train with hand signals and later incorporate verbal commands because dogs are masters at body language. I can teach you the basic hand signals. Just email me. I am always here to answer any concern about your baby because that baby is my baby forever. I breed for love, there is no money in this , not if you do it right, for the right reason, to make the breed better, healthier, more beautiful. I am a hobby breeder, not a puppy miller, not a back yard breeder. There is a breeder who breeds horrible looking Bolognese but she started off as a good breeder but greed got to her. I have other businesses to sustain me. Breeding dogs is my passion, my love. Every puppy is mine foever that is why my name is also on the microchip because I am passionate about my dogs. If you want names of people to avoid, email me at or any other concern you may have. I am here for the love of dogs, all animals really , as I am vegan for ethical reasons.

May you have a good, vegan holiday.


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