Environment, Toxins and your Dogs

Dogs, depending on their size, live short lives which is unfortunate for us. The bigger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. However, more dogs are living longer if they have knowledgeable guardians.

Others are not so fortunate. Cancer rate in dogs is on a par with cancer in humans. However you can minimize or eliminate diseases and problems.

Your dog ages exponentially over his/her lifetime the the greatest aging occuring in their first year, which is basically 15 years in one year. Most dogs age equally until

about age 6 then large breeds are considered middle age or older whereas medium to small dogs age about 3 years for every human year.

Many guardians are often surprised to learn that they may be speeding up their pet's rate of aging on the cellular level but you can take steps to prevent it.

The 2 biggest culprits are diet and environment. Feeding a commercially prepared, processed food like the ones sold in supermarkets and Walmart are the same as you eating doritos only or fast food. It is garbage, that is why it is cheap because there is no nutrition in it. If you buy kibble buy organic, holistic kibble with no additives, no artificial colouring or artificial flavours, will be far healthier and better and with a good diet, you won't be taking your dog to the veterinarian.

I prefer to make my own food to mix it with kibble. I will post recipes in the future but giving your dogs healthy treats like organic kale, romaine lettuce, pieces of carrots, don't buy the baby carrots, all are put in bleach before being packaged, apples, bananas, will be much better than store bought treats. Read labels carefully. Corn is not something dogs can digest and are full of pesticides as are carrots that are not organic.

Exercise is as important for your dog as it is for you. You can buy toys especially made to help your dog exercise or you both can go for long walks. If you live in a place where it snows A LOT you have to protect your dog's pads from the salt as well as during the summer when the asphalt is super hot and can , and do burn, their pads. You can also buy a doggie treadmill for dogs of all sizes. You can often find them used but usable. You should be able to feel your dog's ribs, otherwise he/she is fat and too many dogs are obese which often is accompanied by diabetes, all the same symptoms obese humans get.

Drinking chlorinated of fluoridated water is a big no no. I have a Berkey filter on all my faucets and even my shower heads have these filters. They are the best on the market. My refrigerator also has filters, one for the icemaker, one for the water. You can also buy distilled water and give them that. Also do not use plastic bowls. Use stainless steel or ceramic. I use stainless steel bowls to feed and ceramic for water and wash them daily as they can get mildew.

The cleaning products you use can be the most toxic in your home and the worst for you and your animals. Dogs have highly sensitive noses and are much closer to the ground than we are so if you use products containing toxic substances you are exposing your dog, and yourself, to carcinogens. Use natural products like Dr.Bonner. The bottle may seem expensive but it lasts forever and can be used to clean your floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Check out the natural products on Amazon , your supermarket or other stores. Everyday more and more products are coming on the market that cater to people who don't want to use toxic substances in their homes or cars or offices. Look up how to use vinegar and baking powder, healthy solutions for cleaning.

Many things cause cancer and the government allows these products to be sold knowing they are a health hazard. For example, those Glade plugins are highly carcinogenic, the government knows it but they don't care. Dollars come before anything. My point is if you want to make your house smell nice buy a scent diffuser and use natural oils mixed in with water. Rosemary and lavendar are highly beneficial to both animals and humans as one is proven to help with memory loss and the other is calming.

Things in your yard can cause cancer in your dogs, you and impact the environment. You can get chickens, just hens, they are great pets and eat the flea/tick larvae plus you get free eggs! They are great companions, speak 40 different sounds, watch telly. Don't spray your yard with pesticides; it is only a temporary measure and your dog, like 2 of my granddogs, will get cancer from the pesticide. Get nematodes from Amazon and put them all over your yard. You can also buy diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on your lawn and in fact you can put it in your pet's coat as well as giving them a little in their food to avoid internal pesticides. It is cheap and used, like vinegar and baking powder, for a myriad of things. Diatomaceous earth is sold in feed stores , online. Easy to get and very cheap. Keeps your pool clean too.

I live in Florida so have Bufo Toads. These are not frogs, which are beneficial like bees and butterflies. They are toads, imported from Africa and when defensive, secrete poisonous liquid on their backs. Guess what your dog does when he/she sees something hopping around? Chase it and try to grab it with its mouth. Once the dog has done this, you have 20 minutes to save his/her life. First , grab a hose and put it SIDEWAYS so it rinses the poison out of the mouth, not into the stomach, do it for as long as you can, 3 minutes should be enough then Rush him/her to hospital. Don't let water accumulate anywhere as the Bufos love water. I do kill them. Sorry, I am vegan but it is either my dogs or the Bufos so everytime I see one, I kill it.

Mushrooms will grow in humid conditions and forests. Many, many are poisonous to both animals and humans. If you see any fungi growing in your yard, get rid of it immediately.

Vaccinations are overkill. Puppies need three rounds of them but I vaccinate my puppies the first time and tell the new pet parent to get 2 more but insist the veterinarian use a 1/4 of the amount in the vial for Bolognese and Biewers. Why? Because an entire vial is used on a 4 lb dog or a 200 lb dog. It affects them badly. After their puppy shots, which are 3, you never have to vaccinate your dog. Insist on your vet reading titers. Unless you live in some 4th world country and your dog is running amok , there is no reason to vaccinate again. Same with rabies. One shot for life. The reason they insist on yearly vaccinations is simple: money. That's it. money. It is a disgusting fact but there you have it. A vet charges about $100 per vacciine. I buy them for $5 each and use one vial for 3 dogs. I do have rabies vaccines in my fridge for my breeders but I let the veterinarian vaccinate the puppies who have new homes but, again, I tell him to just inject a 1/4 of the total vial.

I have covered only a wee bit but hope it helps you. Any questions, please email me at

Cheers and may your dogs and you stay healthy and happy. Pets are FOREVER!

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