Intelligence of Bolognese, Biewers, and Royal Bolo Bi's.....Part II

Royal Bolo Bi's are a hybrid I created by breeding a purebred Bolognese to a purebred Biewer. The 3 puppies born were incredibly beautiful and unique....a Black/White Bolognese. Their temperament is not like a Terriers, more like a Bolognese . Their coat is between curly/frizzy of a Bolo and the straight hair of a Biewer. Their intellience is very high but they are not yappy like many Yorkies. Why do breeders create breeds? Well all the known "pure breds" were created by breeding dogs with certain desired charateristics, both physical and mental, to make a dog that was "perfect" for that breeder. Louis Doberman used 25 different breeds and years to create the noble Doberman. Labradoodles, schnauzerdoodles, goldendoodles are hybrids but will be a purebred in a few years if not already. And why did they all use poodles? Very simple, I disagree with Stanley Conen who says the Border collie has the highest intelligence...I believe, from research, that the Poodle is the Einstein of dogdom. I believe that Border Collies are highly trainable but a poodle, unlike what most people think, is a working dog. Poodles are not French, have nothing to do with Maltese. They were bred in Germany to be water retrieving dogs ergo working dogs. Their innate intelligence is different from a Border Collies; German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois, Great Pyrenees, all working dogs have a very high intelligence. So are our little Royal Bolo Bi's are a tad more intelligent than the Bolos because they have working breed genes in them? I haven't noticed much difference but the one puppy I still have seems more like a Bolognese in temperament than Terrier. Regardless of the breed, or mix, you choose, training is essential. Kind consistency, positive reinforcement is a must for a happy relationship.

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