CBD Oil for dogs

Hemp has been around forever. I am a 70's child and though I didn't smoke it or any drug, only because I am a control freak, I have always known herbal old fashioned remedies are better than taking chemical products which are not natural and produce many bad side effects.

Why give your dog CBD? Same reason you may take it. I take it for extreme anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and other things. If you have an old arthritic dog, he/she should be taking CBD oil, why let them suffer? Anxiety, separation or otherwise is another reason. If you have only one dog and are away most of the day, the best thing is to adopt a second dog your dog chooses as that will end the loneliness and 2 dogs are not more work and you pups are happier. However if your dog suffers from severe reactions to fireworks, which i think should be banned as that is when most animals disappear and they are an environmental disaster. Anyway, this is when you give them CBD oil to calm them down as also before a long trip if they hate car rides, or flying. Do not overdose in the latter case as, in the case of British airport personnel caring for the animals on their flights, they will get a veterinarian to check on a dog that is lethargic.

CBD oil helps dogs with pain, nausea, seizures, stress, anxiety, arthritis, any pain, cancer symptoms and gastro issues but can be used for other things as well. Don't overdo it. If you dog is in pain and you do not know the reason, he/she needs to see the vet to find out why they have pain.

Dosage. Ah, here we have a problem as no dosage has been studied for dogs. I take fro 30 mg to 1000 mg but weigh 117 lbs. My babies are all under 10 lbs but I don't give them CBD because they are young and healthy and don't need it but IF I did, I would go for 25 mg and only a quarter of the dropper. If the dog is big and close to my weight then I would opt for 200 mg and see how this works. It depends on why you are giving your beloved dog CBD. Is he on chemo? Is he very arthritic ? If yes and he is 50 lbs and over 25 to 50 mg might work. If he/she is suffering separation anxiety, and depending on size, you would need to play around with it. CBD comes in many milligrams including 2 mg which I doubt would affect a mouse, however it also depends on how much of the liquid you give. I don't always ingest the whole dropper full just half, depending how alert I have to be and how much pain or anxiety I am having. It isn't a science but do not give them more than 300 mg even if your dog is a 120 lb Mastiff.

I have never understood this bizarre hatred of pot because it isn't a drug, it is an herb! Why not ban basil, turmeric, ginger, all with amazing healing properties. Marijuana is a miracle herb, has been forever but the pharmaceutical companies will lose a ton of money. For example, Ibuprofen causes hair loss, significant in some cases. Are you willing to go bald, especially if female if you can control your pain with marijuana? Statins, amongst many other things, cause hair loss. If you have high blood pressue and cholesterol you need to change your diet not take pills that are poisonous to you. Meat, Dairy, are known to be bad for you especially in the US where animals are treated vilely, given shit, literally, as food , tons of antibiotics which you swallow as well as growth hormones which affect children badly and is the reason why suddenly young female children are getting their periods at a ridiculously early age, 8 and 9!!! It is NOT good for you to eat these animal products. There are wonderful meat and dairy alternatives out there. I will have a You Tube channel showing how to make healthy, frugal and quick recipes that are basically vegan but you can tweak them though the whole point is to become healthy.

As to your dog, feeding him/her kibble is not really good. I would give them fresh, raw foods as long as they are organic. Dogs, like us, are omnivores, only felines are true carnivores, so if you feed your dog good wholesome food, cooked or raw, they should thrive. You can buy heart from chickens or cows because they are the cleanest part of the animal. Raw food is better for your dog, it eliminates bad breath, bad teeth but has to be fresh. I give my dogs raw chicken necks as it helps with their teeth.

As always, I have gone off tangent. Back to CBD oils. Your vet might tell you it is a bad idea because he is selling you drugs for your dog and making a lot of money on them. If you have any questions, please email me at and I will answer them in a blog along with others. I am NOT a health professional but have been a FEMA Certified Responder and rescuer for more years than I will admit to and we learn things to help animals without money as rescues have little to no money. I do research a great deal and treat my own animals, have dogs, guinea pigs and pet hens and so far all my puppies have been very healthy and beautiful.

I will start a utube channel called Zazzi's Ark talking about dogs health, emotional needs, new developments as Northern Europe is way ahead of this country in veterinary, and human, medicine.

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