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Problems with tiny dogs and how to prevent them.....

All my dogs, Bolognese, Biewer, Royal Bolo Bi's and Maltese are under 10 lbs soaking wet and I love them just like that. They are more delicate than bigger dogs so children should be supervised. One of my males once attacked and bit the leg of my Maltese and broke it.....He had a caste and was fine but it is an example of what can happen if not careful.

My breeds are all hairy so keeping hair trim around the eyes and posterior should be trimmed regularly. Do this with round tipped scissors and cut downwards on the eyes. Also hair in ears has to be pulled out regularly also because it causes infections, itchiness and takes 2 minutes to pull and clean. If the hair looks yellow, it is old hair and won't hurt him/her to pull it out. You can use tweezers or haemostats as i do.

Teeth in small dogs is a tremendous issue. They have very tiny mouths and teeth so brushing every day or at least every other day with a child's toothbrush and doggy toothpaste, not human toothpaste , is essential unless you don't mind spending 300 or more for a yearly dental. Also, when you get your puppy wait till they are 6 months to alter them that way the vet can take out remaining baby teeth at the same time. It happens often that small dogs DO NOT lose all their baby teeth and it makes sense to have them removed when you alter your baby.

Bolos and Malts are all white and often get tear stains due to many factors, some can be the water, the food, treats, etc. So how to keep them beautiful and white? Buy a filter for your fridge and sink, Berkey is the best. I also have one on my shower head and it makes a huge difference to my hair and my dogs as I often bathe them in the shower. I get no commission from Berkey, I recommend it because it is the best filter and I have gone through several. Food that has artificial colouring, flavours should not be given to any dog but especially to white dogs as they cause coloration around the eyes.

Do not feed them any kibble with anything artificial. In fact, I highly recommend you feed raw diet. It is better for them, keeps their teeth cleaner and their breath doesn't smell. You can alternate with holistic, organic kibble if you haven't time to buy fresh, and it has to be very fresh meat, and I always recommend a topping which is very easy to make. I will post a blog with a basic recipe and you can alternate. Also a supplement like Nuvet is extremely good to ensure they are as healthy as they can be as feeding kibble is like eating cereal......not really great. I feed my dogs fresh chicken parts, beef, scrambled eggs, but always have high premium kibble in case I don't have time to get fresh meat or make the topping. Their treats are organic broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce, carrots, apples. I don't give them doggie treats unless I personally make them and when I do they contain berries or veggies, all organic.

Something else that affects ALL dogs, children and adults are chemical cleaners. I have in in my cupboard white vinegar, baking soda, diatomaceous earth, and products I buy from a distributor of healthy, non chemical cleaning products as well as paper products made from bamboo instead of trees. Bamboo is a grass and highly sustainable. So instead of destroying forests and jungles, we just need to switch to bamboo and it will change the world.

Ensure you brush you Bolo, Maltese, Royal bolo Bi or Biewer daily as matting can happen very quickly and these dogs are extraordinarily beautiful when their hair is very long which it will do if you let them. Their hair never stops growing, just like human hair.

Love your dogs; as they adore you and remember they are a lifetime commitment.

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