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Bad veterinarians

The photo is of Natia, an absolutely gorgeous Biewer from Latvia and who barely is alive . Natia was pregant with 2 babies. My regular vet who is wonderful but not a repro vet told me he couldn't figure out the x rays and to go to a repro vet. I went to Dr. Polit at Sunset Animal hopital, in Sunrise, Fl. I had already pulled out one puppy but the other one would not , could not, come out. I was told by a Dr. Sanchez to go home and try to have Natia give birth naturally though it had already been 2 days. I did and the next day Natia smelled of death because she had a puppy who had been dead for 3 days inside her. I ran back and she was scheduled for a SPAY but was charged for a C-Section though they sent me home to wait for this dead puppy to be born. It was this beautiful girls first and only pregnancy. Her beautiful genes are lost forever because of the inadequacy of veterinarians who do not know everything and are money hungry. My baby barely survivied and I am grateful for it but devastated as I have no children by her and could have if this Dr. Sanchez had done her job properly instead of sending us home. My point is don't believe everything a vet tells you; they are not that up to date on all the new procedures which in Europe are 50 years ahead of this country. Regular spaying (hysterectomies ) and neutering (castrations) are being changed to tying or cutting the fallopian tubes in females and chemical castration in males because Germany, the UK, France are finding that middle aged dogs have more problems if altered the old fashioned, savage way than the new way. Always question your vet if they want to do things that are super expensive and probably unnecessary. Check the internet, Check with Dr Noah Fitzgerald in the UK, veterinary medicine is quite complex. Always question not only your vet but your own doctor as money is the main motive , not your health.

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