Recipes for toppings or as main dish for your babies

Good health always starts with what you put in your mouth... This is the same for animals. One of my clients told me her puppy, which I bred, wanted only bunny poop. Sounds disgusting but the fact is if you stop and analyze it it means he needs minerals and vitamains as bunnies are vegan. I have mentioned that the treats I give my dogs are not dog treats but organic green apples, romaine lettuce, kale, carrots and some eat bananas. I do feed my dogs kibble but I put a topping which is full of healthy foods and here is the main recipe. You can alter it, of course, you can swap other veggies as long as it is not onion and avocado is on the borderline.. Many vets say it is bad for them and others disagree. I think a little is very good for them because it is so full of good things.

So the basic topping to put on kibble is the following. I do not use measure. it really doesn't matter as long as it is healthy and you freeze it correctly, you need only take out the frozen plastic container and then mix with, preferably home made yoghurt. The latter is easy to make and the problem with commercial yoghurt is that it is pasteurized so the heating process kills the good bacteria yoghurt gives you and you end up eating empty calories.

To make home made yoghurt you need 1 litre of any milk, plant based or not. 1 small container of commercial yoghurt and glass containers. Bring the milk to boil or almost boil. When the thermometer goes to 120 F, you are ready to put in the carton of commercial, plain yoghurt. Mix it gently with WOODEN spoon. Yoghurt is like a lady who does not like to be treated badly. Then spoon the mixture into containers and put them in a bain marie in a low set oven or in a dehydrator. 12 hours later you will have yoghurt. Place into fridge immediately. It will only survive for a week if that.

Topping is made from cooked meat, dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and then, in the blender I add 3 whole, clean eggs from my hens and a portion of organic berries, normally blue or black plus 3 cloves of garlic. Garlic is NOT bad for dogs and in fact help ticks stay off them, not totally but somewhat. I use 1 lb of beef heart, 2 organic sweet potatoes, 4 organic carrots, all nice and clean. Do not peel; most of the nutrients are in the skin. I boil till veggies are soft then I let cool , put in a blender with kale, fresh parsley , fresh garlic, 3 whole, clean eggs from my hens, not commercial, berries and often vitamins especially the B's. I also add about a quarter cup of good oil, coconut, or wild salmon or the oil from a tin of sardines. I often put in a tin of sardines as well as they are highly nutritious. I blitz this in blender, put in plastic containers and freeze. Obviously I am cooking for many more dogs than you, so probably have you would have to figure out how much you want to make. You can use other meat besides beef heart. I use it because it is a very clean part of the poor animal but you can use whatever you like. You can use spinach, chard etc instead of kale. The idea is to use vegetables and fruits with COLOUR! Beige vegetables have no or little nutrients such as potatoes.

Once the mixture is frozen, I take out containers as I need them and when thawed, put in about two very large spoonfuls of yoghurt. and mix and then add to the kibble and they love it plus it gives them the necessary minerals and vitamins which they do not get in kibble. You can feed them this instead of kibble, if you wish. I also recommend raw diet plus raw vegetables. I find that my dogs' coats and eyes and teeth are better, their breath doesn't smell. You can give chicken wings, necks, thighs but do not cook AT ALL. Chicken bones that have been cooked become brittle and can choke a dog. You can also feed them fish! Most people never think of fish but I know WILD salmon, Wild sardines, or pilchards, Wild herring are super nutritious. Yes their breath may stink but if you put very minced parsley, which helps with tear stains and bad breath, however they will be beautiful.


As a breeder I have to be prepared for every crisis. First time mothers often have not very strong babies or don't know what to do. Mostly babies do fine and nurse well. However when I have what is termed a "fading" baby, meaning he/she is not doing well, or I have a very ill dog, I make a strong liver broth. Most breeders buy veal liver but I have a hard enough time buying a cow's liver so I get the latter. No way am I feeding my dogs a baby's liver. You place liver with a litre of water, or less, depending on how much meat you have. Put it on very low heat till it is about a cup of pretty potent broth. For the adults mix in with their kibble or homemade food. If you have an infant puppy, mix with the puppy formula with a little of the broth plus a drop of Karo clear syrup or one of the specially prepared gels for sick/ailing dogs that helps increase their appetite and helps stabalize their glucose. I have special baby bottle with soft nipples which are difficult to get but Revival Animal Heath has begun selling nipples that are quite soft and very natural.


Always have a tin of plain pumpkin and put a teaspoon to a tablespoon, or more, depending on your dog's size. Do not give at night.


This is a trickly one because it can be a sign of something quite serious or not. I know my dogs very well in spite of having more than a normal person has. If one of them, who I KNOW chews the bark of trees, I do not worry. If it is one that never has diarrhea and the diarrhea is bloody and mucusy, we go to vet. However, if you suspect it is minor, put the dog on a 24 hour fast, make sure they get plenty of water; buy Pedialyte if you need to. After 24 hours you do the same as with human children, rice and boiled chicken. NOTHING else. You can give them immodium for children to curb the diarrhea but try to keep some Flagyl on hand. You can buy this without a script from Revival Animal Health. It comes in powder labelled for fish but is exactly the same thing you pay $50 at the vet's and is only a wee bit.

And to make things clear, I get nothing from Revival Animal Health but I recommend them highly because of their amazing customer service as their knowledge is invaluable; the quantity of professional products they carry and ease of purchasing. I have been buying from them for over 10 years and they are always helpful, informative and the best so far.


Why is your dog dehydrated first of all? If you have a dog and live in a hot area like I do, Florida, there is NO SUCH THING as an outside dog; don't care if he/she weighs 200 lbs. A man weighs that and you don't see men just stuck in the patio. ALWAYS have water, preferably filtered, especially if you have white dogs because the iron in water gives them tear stains. Filtering doesn't always help but it alleviates it. Don't buy Aquafina as there was a scandal that they were just putting tap water in the bottles. I never buy bottled water; waste of money and resources as it is very expensive , both monetary and environmentally to recycle. Get a good water filter like Berkey and another to make your water alkaline. I am saving to buy the latter as I suffer from fibromyalgia and am acidic so need alkaline foods/water to lower my inflammation. Dogs also are healthier if they are alkaline instead of acidic.


Usually they need a dental and if you want to avoid the extremely expensive cost of a dental; brush your dog's teeth with doggy toothpaste and for tiny dogs you can buy a toothbrush for human babies. Put minced parsley in their food.


I am really sorry if your baby is suffering from this or any other bad condition. A dog gives you his/her heart, loyalty, total, unconditional love but their lives are short. Only a veterinarian sees his patient from birth to death. It is, for me, the worst pain I have suffered and I have never gotten over the death of my heart dogs. However, to ease your dog's suffering use CBD oil available almost everywhere as well as AMAZON. You do not need doggy CBD; CBD oil is CBD oil but, usually when packaged for animals, is 3 times as expensive. Please check my CBD blod where I put detailed information on how much oil to give your baby. This also helps with psychological issues, but you still need to work with him/her if they have issues. CBD oil helps with the body but not so much the brain and training and working with your dog brings you closer together as well as having quality time. Nothing more wonderful than sitting with your dog after a long day just enjoying being alive.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this or need help please email me at and I will be happy to help you, no charge. Dogs are my passion and yes I breed on a small scale but I also rescue and help dogs in shelters that are considered dangerous or aggressive when they are simply terrified.

Thank you for reading this.


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