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Coronovirus....what else?

The truth is coronovirus DID NOT come from dogs in CHina...The Chinese government has laboratories working on contagious diseases and coronovirus leaked out....Millions of dogs in the mass hysteria that followed, threw their pets from balconies or killed them in horrific ways. Last week the Chinese government put out a bounty for anyone killing dogs in any way and it will be brutal. Australians followed suit by killing their dogs as well......I shan't comment because when I did post on Facebook about these two countries I was blocked for 30 days but you KNOW what I think about Chinese culture towards anything that moves....

Humans cannot get coronovirus from dogs...It is that simple. The 2 dogs in the whole planet that were infected with coronovirus were given it by their sick humans. I will obviously tell you what you already know. Do not touch any box delivered to you, like dog food, with your hands. Use gloves, open box OUTSIDE your home and wipe with disinfectant, wipe the bag then bring your dog food container out and fill it.

Unfortunately, many people to include fedex, UPS and paramedics are obligated to continue working and some are ill or are carriers of the disease; because someone doesn't show symptoms does not mean you cannot get the virus.

If you walk your dog, do it when the sun is out as, supposedly, sunlight can kill the virus but I have doubts about this. Wipe your dog's paws with a disinfectant wipey but be careful pads don't get too much of this as it contains alcohol and dries their pads out. Don't let anyone touch or get near to your dog. Don't let anyone cough or sneeze on your dogs. Actually, do what I have done....self quarentine. I know it is not pleasant for many but better to do jigsaw puzzles, read, do yoga with your dog than be ill. Everything is closing down but people, especially in high density areas, continue to mill about thereby creating more chaos and more sick people. Stay home!! Keep your dogs home!

If you do get sick, don't panic, most people recover well from the virus. The ones who don't are usually elderly, or have a weak immune system. Don't spread your germs around. People need to stop being so selfish and realize this is temporary....but it will continue if you don't do your part.

Another thing, please do NOT give your dogs anything made in China and I would suggest you stop consuming, or using items from there, which seems impossible but is doable. Food items, produce for example, MUST contain country of origin on the white plastic tab with the price and name of product. If it says China, tell manager you do not want produce, or fish from China. The coronavirus tanked wall street and, my understanding from someone very much in the know, is that the Chinese are buying stocks en masse....which makes you wonder about the virus outbreak. I shan't say anything but am thinking furiously ;)

Please take precautions, keep your fur babies safe and you as well. Any questions, comments, even criticisms, email

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