Alternatives cures/ holistic options

I have a very poor view of most veterinarians because they, like surgeons, think they know everything and and refuse to see a different point of view. I have saved more dogs that vets had deemed unsaveable. Many of my fellow breeders/rescuers are able to save many lives with little money. How do we do it? Through old recipes which have been around for decades, trial and error, plus we have groups where we post a question and get immediate responses from people with a great deal of experience in saving dogs with little money. Real rescues, like breed specific rescues, aren't anything like HSUS or ASPCA who get a fortune but 93% is spend on administrative costs and not on actually helping animals.

I always worked/volunteered for small but very legitimate rescues and learned a great deal from them. I am also a FEMA Certified Responder and a volunteer for Red Rover. I have gone out 9 times to complete disaster areas to set up a very primitive hospital, under a marquee, slept on a cot for months but helped as many animals as we could. The people who volunteer for these very difficult, in primitive settings, are mostly non veterinarians....I have only had two proper vets come out to help. All the other times, because I was the Coordinator, meaning the boss, I had to do everything. I have sutured, operated, castrated, euthanized.....many many veterinary procedures often with someone reading from a book and telling me what to do as we had no phone or internet.

As a breeder, I know far more than most vet as vets don't know much about breeding. Only REAL, reputable breeders have been through hell and back as it is a heartbreaking situation when a puppy, no matter what you do, doesn't make it. It's not about money, it's about compassion and love for these wonderful beings and making healthier, sweeter puppies.

So, you have a new puppy, a wonderful little being who brings, I hope, joy and happiness to your life. The vet you take him/her to should be a holistic vet. They are open minded, will normally, actually listen to your concerns unlike the others. Where I am now, I am training my vet that I KNOW what I am doing and what I want. If i don't know and rely on him, I ask a million questions and do a lot of research before agreeing to anything. I do this with my own doctors.

I recently had a pneumococcal vaccine because Covid is rampant and I have a compromised immune system. My son, a paramedic, said don't do it but I did and suffered horrific pain in my arm and had fever and so many symptoms I had a hard time getting up to care for my animals. Vaccines in dogs can produce similar symptoms. They can get very ill from something that is supposed to benefit and protect them. Back in the day when I was a child, and there were many dogs in my life since BEFORE i was born, dogs weren't vaccinated much, they ate homemade food, lived long lives and were healthy. Patella, diabetes, seizures, and cancer were extremely rare. Now 50% of American dogs have problems which mirrors the human population in this country. We don't give them Mcdonalds or pizza, and I hope you don't eat that garbage either, but we feed them KIBBLE. A highly processed food which is the same as giving your child processed cereal every day. Not good. I am not going into recipes today; you can look them up on my older blogs but things that help your dogs with problems without paying a fortune for unnecessary medications.

  1. Virgin coconut oil. There is a great deal of controversy about feeding them coconut oil as well as humans intaking this. However, one very good thing is that applied in a tiny amount in the ear will kill mites!! These are horrible little arachnids that create a nasty smelling ear, itching and redness. Clean the ear first. You should always have tweezers, either surgical or regular ones. Have unscented baby wipes. Turn the ear almost inside out to get all the gook out and once you have pulled all the ear has no old hairs, they have yellow roots and no it doesn't hurt to pull these old hairs out, and the gook is out, put in a drop of unrefined virgin and liquid coconut oil and massage the base of the ear. Do this for a week or so on ALL your companion animals. Coconut oil, like honey, is a disinfectant. Unfortunately, if you put honey on your dog, it might bring unwanted pests.

  2. Garlic. Onions cause dogs adverse reaction but garlic, in small quantities do not. I make my own stews for my dogs and put in 4 cloves but this is for a week long feed for 12 dogs. Garlic deters ticks but help dogs in the same way garlic helps humans; heart health, and it has sulphur to make the hair or fur beautiful.

  3. Taurine. If you insist on feeding you dog grainfree kibble, 2 things will happen. It will be difficult to reproduce and it affects the heart. Wild dogs attack vegan prey and eat the innards first, ALWAYS. What's in the innards? Wholesome grains and greens. Not wheat or corn. Obviously deer do not eat rice but whatever deer eat, canids want it and need it which is why only the alpha dogs, wolves, etc eat the offal, innards of the animal. I give my dogs sweet potato, winter squash, wild rice. It is one of many ingredients in their stew. the more colour, the better, the healthier. Taurine is necessary because grain free kibble has none and Taurine helps your dog keep his heart healthier. It is not expensive. Buy the capsule form, pull open, sprinkle a tiny bit on food, then close capsure. Give only twice a week.

4. Kibble that has a great deal of phytoestrogens, i.e., lentil, chickpeas, flax, pea meal, etc

causes, again, problems with reproduction and heart problems. I wrote a blog specifically relating to this. There are a few kibble products that contain none of these

but they are hard to find. However, the more we complain to the FDA, basically a

useless agency, and manufacturers demanding they put all pertinent information on

bags of kibble, such as adverse side affects. NEVER BUY from supermarket or walmart. Ol' Roy makes me want to go postal, it is garbage, worse than garbage as is Alpo and all

the others sold very cheap. Cheap means it is no good. It will mean frequent visits to vet and very smelly farts or diarrhea or constipation.

5. Do give a good supplement like Nutrevet. They have research constantly to come up

with the best supplements, are always updating formula to keep your dog healthy.

6. Do give your dogs unfarmed, wild fish.. I do eat wild salmon on occasion because of

the amazing benefits as mackeral, sardines. I cut slices of raw salmon and my dogs

go crazy over their 'sushi day'. The skin of fish is also very beneficial to you and

your dog. I hate the skin so chop it up and give it to them.

7. Fading dogs, meaning they are dying, can be brought to life various ways. In puppies,

rubbing them fairly roughly can often bring them back and once they do you need to feed them, or any dog in poor health condition as follows: If they are anemic, get Iron

liquid supplement and give 1cc into their mouth once or twice a day. It may constipate

them so ALWAYS have plain pumpkin tins, pumpkin is natures laxative, in your pantry.

You give them half a teaspoon or more , depending on dog's size; always remember,

these are home remedies. It is common sense to know how much to give. If uncertain,

text me asap at 954-438-4437, irregardless if you have one of my puppies or not. I am

here to help save ALL dogs!.

The following are very simple recipes that I saved 8 out of 11 puppies with parvo. Vets

have a much lower rate of success, for many reasons and cost a fortune. Recipe is raw

egg yolk, a 1/2 teaspoon of goats powdered milk and 3 drops of Karo light syrup mixed

with warm water to a consistency you can feed with a syringe, give every hour on the

hour as much as puppy, or ill, elderly dog will eat. Get unflavoured gatorade and do same; give a syringe every 2 hours, by syringe, I don't mean injection but given into the

mouth without the needle.

Bone/Liver broth is like a lightening can make a puppy who is about to die come

back to life in under 24 hours but both these recipes must be fed every 2-3 hours if dog

is ill. Buy beef liver and hock bones with marrow. Simmer on low heat till it is

condensed. Give bones to healthy dogs and cool broth. Use syringe if dog is very weak

and feed him/her every hour on the hour. Make sure you have the marrow in this broth

for the sick dog. This is a Lazarus broth, bring back from dying broth. It won't help if dog

has a condition like collapsed trachea but it will help old dogs, fading puppies, dogs

undergoing cancer treatments, old dogs who need a boost. This is an ancient recipe but

unknown by many people. However, I had noticed that there is a boon in selling bone

broth in supermarkets.....Commercial broth is not as good or potent as the recipe given


Fish oil... Definitely give your dog a little fish oil in his/her food. Wild salmon oil is the best.

Never feed pork. Pigs are so mistreated and confined in unnatural situations and they suffer horribly.....something that is transferred to those who eat them. Plus they are full of antibiotics because of the unnatural conditions they are forced to live in. These animals are extremely intelligent and loving and the fact that factory farms exist is a dispicable /cruel/ evil act and should be banned. Pig farmers have pigs living in natural, healthy conditions and these are the ones they eat; not the ones they have in factory farms.

If you hunt, then use all the innards, brains, intestines, etc., clean them well and cook them with multi colored vegetables in a stew for your dogs. No seasoning allowed.


Dogs can eat so called 'people' food, within reason. No corn, sugar, wheat nor the so-called 'white foods' white bread, rice, noodles, potatoes, etc. No chocolate, avocado, onions, macadamia, xylitol, a sweetener, raisins, yeast dough, salt, milk, corn, fat pieces of meat, baker's yeast, nuts, rhubarb, spinach, alcohol.

Any questions, concerns, recommendations, please email me


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