Let me know how you all did.....

1. b.....A titer test can assess antibodies to a virus. It is much better than pumping your dog full of unnecessary vaccines which only line the pockets of your veterinarian. Demand titer test.

2. c....Your dog may already be immune for life to parvovirus and distemper. A titer test will prove immunity. This includes rabies, which is also over vaccinated.

3. d....Though any vaccine can cause a long or short term reaction, modified live virus vaccines, like the parvovirus vaccines, are more likely to cause negative reactions 10-45 days after the shot. Viruses containing killed viruses or bacteria are more likely to cause reaction within a few days. Leptospiroses is a VERY dangerous vaccine for small dogs like the Bolognese, Maltese, etc

4. c....Vaccinating a dog even 10 times for one disease DOES NOT guarantee protection from that disease

5. a......It is unlikely kibble will improve dental health; same way as cereal will not improve yours.

6) a... fresh chicken raw necks (NEVER COOKED) provide healthy dogs with calcium, meat and a good chewing experience The other items listed on the test can break teeth, cause intestinal blockage or contain harmful chemicals.

7. c....Heartworm medication kill immature heartworms already in the bloodstream. HOWEVER, you do not need to give your dog a monthly dose. Every 2 months if your dog is not outside 24/7, which no dog should be. NO DOG is an outside dog. Even if they weigh 200 lbs, they need to be with people and protected from all elements.

8. b....A 0.12% chlorhexidrine rinse, daily or frequent tooth brushing with DOGGIE toothpaste and a human baby soft toothbrush will help your dog have clean teeth especially the very small dogs. Raw chicken necks also help clean teeth.

9. d....All these ingredients, and more you shan't like are within the Association of American Feed Control Officials guidelines. BTW, the meat you eat contains horrific things. Email me if you want details.

10. d....all these items are highly toxic to dogs

11. b....Dogs have ahuge need for calcium, the same as adult human female. Giving your dog calcium can be problematic.

12. b.....If you spay your female dog prior to her first heat, about 6 months of age, you reduce risk of breast cancer BUT you also kill her hormones which she needs during "middle age". Best thing is to have tubal ligation...Less invasive and more humane. Northern European veterinarians are doing just that but not so easy to find an enlightened vet on this side of the pond.

13. c..Neutering a male dog will not keep him from getting prostate cancer; he should be checked annually and needs to be microchipped and have a tag with your up to date info on it . Female dogs need to be microchipped and tagged. BTW, the correct noun for a male dog is that "DOG"; a female is a "bitch"

14. c....Tobe designated "complete and balanced" , a dog food need only meet minimum and theoretical criteria. Better to avoid it. You are feeding your dog garbage. Better to spend a bit more on nutrition as it keeps the greedy veterinarians at bay

15. c...Dogs are not self limiting in their exercise and must work up to a hard workout. Especially during hot weather, you should NOT exercise your dog after 10 am and before 6 pm. You are wearing shoes, their paws can, and do get blistered plus the dog can't tell you he is feeling sick until he collapses. Run on your own or run in an area where your dog can be off lead and can sit if he feels unwell. Forget about running with tiny dogs , old or ill dogs....that is simply cruel.

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