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The controversy over the way we feed our dogs has become very heated....and no wonder! Dog food companies with their million dollar campaign budgets try to convince everyone that kibble is "100% nutritious". They come up with different shapes, flavours, eye catching bags but the fact is, like cereal, it is highly processed, full of stuff you can barely pronounce and have to google to find out what it is it healthy? It's convenient but is it good for your dogs? If you ate nothing but packaged foods you would probably have hair falling out, dry skin, allergies, itching, not feeling quite well...sounds like many doggos you know. Well, I do not think kibble is the perfect food, it is necessary to have in case of emergencies but every month the FDA comes out with a list of dog food, including the infamous Science Hill Diet, that is poisoned has salmonella, and if we really research it, has droppings from rodents, insects and who knows what else.

The latest is the problem with grain free food; it causes infertility, but, much more important, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) which is a disease of the heart muscle, usually starting in the heart's main pumping chamber (left ventricle) . The ventricle stretches and thins or dilates, and cannot pump blood as well as a healthy heart can. The term cardiomyopathy is a general term that refers to the abnormality of the heart muscle itself. So what is wrong with grain free? Well it has lots of phytoestrogens, i.e., peas, peameal, flaxseed, lentils, soy etc. When wild canids attack an animal, they eat the innards first. The prey is usually vegetarian so when these canids eat all the innards they are consuming grain, real grain, not wheat, not corn but food that is REAL. I mean fresh, not sprayed with pesticides and waxed. Farmers who grow corn wear hazmat suits when harvesting their corn because they would die from being poisoned. I love corn but I don't touch it unless I grow it myself.

So, what are the best options for feeding your beloved dog? Homemade food is one option. You can make a stew, same as for you minus onions in a crock pot and freeze individual portions. I do this though I keep kibble in case I can't find meat for my dogs as I live in a rural area and supermarkets are not close by. I will later list some kibble you can buy and even give your dog AS LONG AS YOU SUPPLEMENT IT WITH REAL FOOD. A healthy dog means fewer or no visits to vet for feeling unwell. Raw food diet is wonderful too. I often buy wild salmon on sale and then cut it up into portions and give my dogs raw salmon. Very healthy and they LOVE it.

So to make dog food you would choose a lean animal protein, it can be gizzards, chicken hearts, beef hearts, etc. If you live near a deer processing plant, I do but can't bring myself to go, they throw the innards in big vats and you go and get as much as you can. These are wild deer so you know it is clean meat. Dogs can eat all kinds of animal flesh, fish, most vegetables, fruits. No raisins, onions, chocolate, etc. My stew usually is protein, brown rice/ yucca/ sweet potatoes/, I tend to put lots of colour into their food as 'white food', flour, white rice has no nutritional value. So I add organic carrots which I have washed but leave skin on because the nutrients are there, or butternut squash, or beets, again washed not peeled. Tomatoes are too acidic and you want your dogs pH to be balanced. Then greens: kale, organic broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, but not a lot of this, green/yellow zucchini, spinach and there are many varieties of spinach. I love callaloo, a Caribbean spinach, tastes much better than regular spinach but I doubt your dog will care. You can give collard greens but not the stems. Menus are only limited by your imagination. When my stew is ready, I put in clean , raw eggs, shell and all. Crush the shell very well first. It is a great source of calcium. I also add a tin or 2 of sardines or plain, not smoked , mackerel. You could put a tin of salmon too. Including the oil. I also put in blueberries because they are very high in antioxidants. I blitz everything in a processor but your dog might like it chunky. Mushrooms are also good for them. There is controversy with avocados....I haven given them avocado but rarely and no effects that I saw. You can also boil hock bones so they have a natural chewing bone and use that liquid to make the food. Basically, it's bone broth which is outrageously expensive pre made but it's so easy to do. I also mix either ricotta cheese or plain yoghurt and add probiotics, folate, B12, and Nutravet.

Now you're thinking, omgosh, I don't cook for me why cook for the dog? Well it's better for them, or you can do the raw option. It takes me 15 minutes to prepare the meat, fruits, veg, etc and it cooks by itself. You then can smash it a bit or blitz it. Total prep time is 40 minutes once a week if you make enough , which I do. Place into baggies or plastic containers and freeze. I have a freezer with labelled containers just for my dogs' food.

You can give them some kibble, you need to have a bag for emergencies. The recommended brands, for now anyway are the following. Please avoid Science Hill Diet. It is NOT good but the veterinarians' get a cut of everything they sell, ergo why they insist on that food.

This list was compiled by a fellow breeder..You can access the full article at http//

The list of foods is in alphabetical order :

Authority Adult Dog Food

Authority Large Breed Adult dog Food

Authority Large Breed Puppy Food

Authority Chicken and Rice formula puppy

Black Gold Explorer Original Performance Formula (this is for hunting/ very active dogs)

Blackwood Dog Food, 3000 Lamb Meal and brown Rie and Blackwood Salmon and Brown Rice-All Life stages Sensitive Skin

Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Open Meadow holistic Entree All Life Stages Dry dog food

Diamond Hi Energy Sporting Dog (obviously, our little Bolos are hardly "sporting"

Diamond Premium Recipe Complete and Balanced Puppy-Chicken and Salmon

Dr. Gary's Best Breed Holistic Salmon with Vegges and Herbs and his Holistic Lamb meal with veggies and Herbs

Eukanuba has many varieties, mosty lamb and rice formulas for puppies and adults

First Mate Australian Lamb Meal Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free, They also have grain free with Pacific Ocean Fish Meal and Limited Ingredient Chicken with Blueberries

Nature's Logic Canine Duck and Salmon Meal Feast, as well as Beef Meal Fest and Chicken and Turkey meal Feast plus they have Pork meal feast

Nutrisource High Plains Secte Grain Free Beef, Trout and Turkey meal and they also have Woodlands select with Boar and Turkey

Purina Pro Plan Pea Free Dog Food, in Performance and Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon Rice (great product for dogs with allergies. Pit type dogs seem to have very sensitive everything.

Royal Canin, which has a line of food for pregnant bitches, baby mama formula, puppy formula. It has rice but this is what my mothers and babies eat for 4 months for former and 2 months the latter. Most breeders do feed this to the breeding females when they are in gestation and nursing.

Tuscan Natural Simply Pure Lamb meal Limited Ingredients

Whole Earth Pea free Dog food

Wishbone Pea Free dog food

Compared prices between Amazon and Chewy and Chewy was cheaper in all the brands. There are more choices on my friend's website but read carefully as she has Rachel Nutrish Just 6 but that dog food is ALSO on the DCM dog food list.

Don't forget water is very important. Try to get a Berkey filter, it is the best. I put apple cider vinegar with a little baking soda in their water, my friend makes scrambled eggs with acv and gives it to her dogs. I tried it but my dogs sneered at it. Apple Cider Vinegar is super easy to make but easy to buy. Good for humans too. The benefits of apple cider vinegar is very loooong. Baking powder, NOT soda, helps ph levels.

Any questions, concerns, feel free to email me,

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