Puppies: Mystery of life

Sorry for not blogging for such a long time. We were packing, moving and unpacking from Florida to west NC. Moving many dogs, chickens and a feline being was a logistic nightmare but the dogs are settled and very happy with an enclosed half acre of land to run around in.

A puppy's life clearly display what charaterises the whole of life, the mystery of development. The entire universe, it seems, is in a continuous process of growth that extends from the first moments of each individual existence to the end of life and beyond. Nothing is excluded from this movement, though our own consciousness of its breadth can be dulled by the chaotic pace of modern living. Too often we take it for granted, carelessly letting it pass unacknowledged. Our busy lives can easily grow insensitive to the basic wonder of life, leaving us spiritually impoverished and unhappy. It is perhaps why animals, expecially dogs, are so important to us and why we benefit from their companionship as they root us to life.

Part of the joy of raising of puppy is the very concrete way it puts us in touch with the process of life and the natural world around us. Watching a puppy grow takes us outside of ourselves and helps reestablish our own capacity for appreciation and wonder. But even more than this, we believe that paying attention to how a puppy grows is important for the health and vitality of the puppy himself. Studies have shown conclusively that the first sixteen week of a dog's life are of vital importantce in determining his later behaviour as an adult. Ergo the reason I keep my puppies with their mother for 12 weeks as it is highly detrimental to take them away from Mum at 6 and 8 weeks which many breeders do. Negligence by a breeder or new owner during this time can scar a puppy for life. Thus, if you hope to raise a puppy that will be a trusted companion and friend for the next 10 to 15 years, we believe that you can lay no better foundation for yourself and your dog than to understand thoroughly how he gorws during this time of early change and development. That way you will be able to provde him/her with every available aid to help him/her grow confident, happy and to his/her full potential.

To be continued

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