Recipes for a healthy Bolognese and all doggies

Most people feed their dogs kibble, they tend to be given the same kibble twice a day, every day. So if I put you in a room and fed you , say, Cheerios, twice a day for a week, how would you feel? More important, what would your blood tests show? Not good results, for sure. All pet food is, basically, garbage, it is allowed to contain roadkill, fecal matter, if bone is ground in, which of course it is, it has metal; they also have bacteria, obviously an abattoir is not a clean place. Pentobarbitol, the euthanasia agent has been found in dog food. Flesh from 4-d animals: diseased, dead, disabled, and dying also are in your dog food which is why dogs are on a par with humans for cancer, dementia and all kinds of problems that were not that prevalant before.

I have had dogs my entire life and when I was child/teenager, the maid would, first thing in the morning, chop meat, vegetables and make a broth which smelled delicious. This was cooled down and fed to the dogs. Needless to say my dogs never had to go to the vet for problems. They were fed "human" food but dogs, for millennia, have eaten "human" food, they stayed near villages and were tossed leftovers and they were very healthy considering there were no veterinarians. This idea that human food is bad for dogs was coined up by makers of kibble and we should start feeding our dogs real food. So, though I like to be in the kitchen as much as being in a dentist chair having a root canal, I take a day to coo up a lot food, put it into packages of the size I need and freeze them. I would do a week at a time and put the date on them. So, get rid of the idea that commercial dog food is better, it isn't. It isn't natural but humans also consume vast quantities of junk food that I wouldn't touch. Prefer to starve or eat grass.

I am a believer of the raw food diet, however, I have so many dogs that they would kill themselves trying to get all of it so I give them raw chicken necks as treats. Dogs usually are lacking calcium and chomping on the neck bones gives them some calcium. Chicken necks are cheap, good source of calcium and protein and you an cut them in half, as I do, for smaller dogs.

I buy from a reputable butcher (?), heart, lungs, brains, stomach or tripe. I do not buy kidneys nor liver. I also buy organic chicken on sale. Some butchers offer bags specifically for people who want to feed their dogs meat but, again, it is prepackaged so who knows what is in it? I am vegan so buy vegetables that are in season and buy enough to fill my dogs' tummies. I do not buy corn nor any non organic vegetable. Pesticides are a real problem in this country, Italy does not allow pesticides, which is why a tomato there tastes like heaven, and a tomato in this country tastes like plastic. Oh, but organic is soooo expensive, you say. Is it? How much does it cost to see the veterinarian or a human doctor? a couple hundred bucks and if you and your dogs eat healthy, you save money on medical bills. A win win situation. Also, you may have a place that sells day old vegetables. When I lived in Fort Lauderdale I would go to this place and come out with a mountain of expensive organic vegs/fruits and would spend $30. Unfortunately, I have not found anything like that where I am in NC and the local farmers charge more for their wares than the markets. Go figure.

So now you have been a savvy shopper, bought all this fresh and wonderful produce and lugged it home and are looking at it. There are many options, you can use a slow cooker, as I do. I do give my dogs garlic cloves in their stew, though there is controversy over this because dogs cannot be fed onions. However, I have done it all my life and know it helps with ticks. Ticks do not like the taste of garlic in their dinner. Guess ticks aren't Italian. I also use fresh parsley, dogs love it and very good for them. Mix it in their stew after the stew is cooked, just chop it up; yes just like a restaurant except mix it so they will eat it. Helps with bad breath too. Another thing I give is sardines, canned but not brined, anchovies or mackeral in olive oil. These little fish are a powerhouse of great protein. If I could afford it, I would give them salmon. Dogs do eat FISH. You can buy fresh sardines and other fish in ethnic markets and they are not expensive.

Treats should be treats you bake, easy peasy recipes can be found online or the following: all raw, slices of apple, organic carrots, tiny pieces of broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce; some dogs love bananas, probably because they lack potassium. Pears, watermelon, are good choices. DO NOT FEED GRAPES NOR RAISINS.

I do chop the meat into small pieces because none of my dogs are over 10 lbs, I put a mix of flesh on the bottom of the slow cooker, or pressure cooker or just a pan, then top it with chopped carrots, quartered Brussels sprouts, some kale or spinach which I add at the end so they don't get too mushy, cloves of garlic. For 10 dogs I would put in 4 big cloves of garlic. Of course, you alter the vegetables, this is just a basic recipe, you can also use summer and winter squash, beets, etc. Add broth or water. When I buy fresh whole fish, I make fish stew with the heads. YUCK but it is potent stuff and use this instead of water for their stew. The point is to vary the recipe so your babies will have a complete diet as dogs on kibble are truly "starved" of nutrients. And don't listen to your vet about the diet they ALL know the one, it is in every animal hospital and touted as being so great...boloney. The vets/hospitals get a percentage for everything they sell from this "medical" diet. If your pet has an issue, kibble is not the answer, Do RESEARCH. There are many humans whose dogs have the same problem as yours and they found a good, non kibble, non canned dog food to help their dogs. Find a holistic veterinarian.

You will see such a difference in your dog's coat, eyes, health in a month or less. You can also go raw which is a great and natural way to feed pets. If you have more than one dog, separate them because they do go crazy over raw food and you don't want a blood bath.

This is just a basic example of how you can make your dog much healthier and happier.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas, please email


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