Testing your knowledge of necessary "dog" info

I assume you feel you are really on top of all dog health info. Well, as a pre -Christmas gift from us to you we have this test for you to try out your knowledge. We do not want you to fail but get informed as new developments re: dogs' heath, physical and psychological are occurring frequently. Plese let us know how you did We will put your name on facebook as being the most doggie knowledgeable being or your dog's name if you wish to remain anonymous.

What is your dog quotient?

1.titer test shows if your dog:

a) if your dog has kidney stones

b) is immune to virus

c) will be able to nurse her puppies

d) has elevated liver enzymes

e) needs many many more expensive tests

2. You just received a notice it is time for your dog's booster shots for parvovirus and distemper virus. You should"

a) Get the shots right away.

b) procrastinate until guilt overwhelms you

c)Presume your dog's immune for life but test her just to make sure

d)vaccinate against distemper only; parvo only attacks puppies

3. Which of these vaccine sis most likely to produce an adverse reaction 10 to 45 days after injection?


b) Kennel cough (fancy wording for common cold)

c) swine flu

d) Parvovirus

e) Leptospirosis

4. Which of these statements is false:

a) Vaccinations can be dangerous for dogs with ear infections

b) Vaccines protecting against multiple viruses at once are linked to immune system problems

c) Dogs are safest if they receive yearly "booster" shots

d)Dogs can delay getting rabies vaccinations with a letter for their vet

5. Re: kibble, which statement is FALSE?

a) Better for your dog's teeth than canned food

b) Must be no more than 50% meat because of how it is made

c) Can lead to dehydration

d)Contains more preservatives than tinned food

e) Rhymes with dribble

6. You want something for your dog to chew on. Your safest choices choice is:

a) A raw chicken neck

b)The steak bone left over from dinner

c) Daddy's loafers

d)A rawhide chew

e) A large bovine leg

7. Which statement is true regarding heartworms:

a) Are easy to contract and are almost always deadly

b) Are difficult to contract but are almost always deadly

c) Are killed, not prevented, by heartworm medication

d) Are best prevented with a product that also protects against flea/ticks and other pests

e) Party on Christmas

8. The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy is to:

a) Feed hard biscuits

b) Use a special dental rinse

c) Offer nylon chews or ppig hooves

d) Brush your dog's teeth weekly

3) Teach your dog to floss

9. Commercial dog food may not legally contain:

a) Roadkill or zoo animals

b) Preservatives banned in Europe and human food

c) Dying or diseased animals

d) All of the above are legal in the US

e) None of the above are legal in the US

10. Which f the following can be poisonous to your dog:

a) Onions

b) grapes and raisins

c) Acetaminophen

d) All of the above can be poisonous

e) none of the above is poisonous

11. Regarding calcium, a 10 lb dog has:

a) Half the requirements of an average, about 140 lb, woman

b) Same requirements of an average human female

c) twice the requirements of an average human female

d) A great need only during puppyhood

3) A definite preference for vanilla ice cream

12. If Optimum Health is the only consideration, a female dog should be:

a) Spayed after her first heat

b) Be spayed before her first heat

c) Be spayed after her first litter

d) Have the less invasive procedure of tubal ligation

e) Keep her uterus intact and tell her to keep her knees together

13. Which statement is FALSE? Male dogs that have been neutered:

a) Less likely to run away

b) Protected against testicular cancer

c) Protected against prostate cancer

d) Can be fitted with prosthetics so they don't look strange

e) Can be chemically sterilized

14. The claim that a food is COMPLETE AND BALANED guarantees that:

a) It contains all the nutrients dogs need in a heavily processed form

b) Has been tested on at least 30 dog for at least one year

c) Only that it meets certain THEORETICAL standards

d) Both a and b

e) The food was made from animals who practiced calesthenics

15. Which statement is TRUE?

a) Dogs pant instead of sweating, they are highly resistant to heat

b) As long as a dog is panting, he/she is fine

c) A dog may voluntarily exercise more than it should

d) A flat faced dog is more tolerant to heat than a long nosed dog

e) The best way to warm up a very cold, hypothermic dog, is with a hot dog, minus the mustard

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